A spirt is any liquid which contains alcohol.  Sometimes you will see on a restaurant “Wines & Spirits”, so generally spirits refers to higher proof beverages.

  • Bourbon: American whiskey made from at least 51% corn and aged in oak barrels
  • Gin: Neutral clear spirit infused with juniper and/or other herbs.
  • Rum: Distilled from sugar cane or molasses, generally aged in a barrel
  • Mezcal: Mexican spirit which smokes the agave first, also known as the “scotch of tequila)
  • Rye: North American whiskey distilled from the rye seed
  • Scotch: Whisky from Scotland aged in a barrel over many years
  • Tequila: Distilled spirit from Mexico and made from the Agave Plant
  • Vodka: Neural spirit distilled from wheat or potatoes. While many vodkas come in a variety of flavors today (cucumber, lemon, orange, blueberry, and even cotton candy), vodka is generally a clear, odorless, tasteless spirit meaning, all you really taste is the alcohol.
  • Whisky and/or Whiskey: Anything distilled from grain and aged in a barrel, this includes Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, Sour Mash, etc.

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