Sheep Dip Scotch

Sheep Dip Scotch

Spirit: Blended Scotch Whisky; 80 Proof (40% Alcohol); Retail Price: $40

When you have less than $50 in your pocket and you want a good bottle of scotch, this is it.  I am not suggesting you spend your last $50 on liquor, but if you don’t want this to show up on your wife, husband or spouse’s joint debit card statement, again, this is it.

I’ve been seeing this for awhile, and I am not one of those snobs that won’t drink blended whisky. If it tastes good, I don’t care if its single malt, single barrel, small batch or large batch, I just have to like it. But when you see a bottle of scotch under $40 it makes me worry.  I see that some wine and/or spirits magazine gave it a 94 rating.  I had to split this month’s spirits budget between whiskey and something other than whisky.  So on this trip I decided to get a bottle of decent gin for martinis, some sambuca for after dinner entertaining and this scotch for general purposes.  The total came to $101 plus change. I tried to keep it under $100 as I do every visit to the liquor store, but I think this was something I can’t feel guilty about.

It is sweet, it is flavorful, and not overpowering at 80 proof. Its got the caramel, a bit of heat, and a touch of smoke.  This is one you keep on hand all the time if you are entertaining. Whether your friends are amateur or expert scotch drinkers, this one covers all the bases, and here is why…

The story on the bottle reads: Our peculiar name comes from a time when farmers hid their home-made whisky from the nosey excise offers in barrels marked “Sheep Dip”. Today Sheep Dip is a vatted or blended malt which is made up of 16 single malts.  The single malts in Sheep Dip are mainly Highlands, but blended with the delicate Speyside malts and Islay malts.  These single malts are married in fresh American oak barrels to produce this exceptional whisky.

So from this, you can see its got all the complexity of the different areas in Scotland where Scotch is produced, Highlands, Speyside and Islay.  There are others, but 3 are enough to make this really interesting. And it is.  What’s more is that it does not have to be a complex tasting journey.  Simple pour this into your Glencairn glass, or on the rocks if you must, and you have a perfectly satisfying dram of scotch.

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