Scotch is a whisky produced and distilled in Scotland. It is aged in a barrels formerly used for aging something else like sherry, port, bourbon, even rum.  For this reason, Scotch tends to be more complex that other whiskies and spirits. Single malts are the most coveted, but you can easily find blends like the Johnnie Walker Red, Black, Green and Blue on most shelves of any bar or restaurant.

  1. Acnoc
  2. Ardbeg
  3. Balvenie
  4. Bowmore
  5. Bruichladdich
  6. Craigellachie
  7. Cragganmore
  8. Dalmore
  9. Dalwhinnie
  10. Glenlivet
  11. Grangestone
  12. Highland Park
  13. Johnnie Walker
  14. Kilkerran
  15. Laphroig
  16. Macallan
  17. Mackillops Choice
  18. Monkey Shoulder
  19. Tamdhu
  20. Tomatin

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