Pisco is a South American type of brandy made from distilled grapes. It is generally lighter in color since it is not aged barrels like brandy. Mostly produced in Chile and Peru, the method of distilling grapes was brought over from the Spaniards. It is bottled at 80-92 Proof (40-46% alcohol) or more.

Pisco must be aged for a minimum of three months in glass, stainless steel or any other material which does not alter its physical, chemical or organic properties. Unlike brandy, it cannot ever be aged in a barrel. No additives of any kind may be added to the pisco that could alter its properties.

Peru currently exports three times more Pisco than Chile. Peruvian Pisco won over 20 gold medals around the globe.

The most famous cocktail in which to use Pisco, is of course, the Pisco Sour. Native Chileans have no problem mixing it with almost anything, including Coca-Cola, or citrus like lemons.

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