Lapu Lapu

The Lapu Lapu from Tacoma Cabana Tacoma WA

By Ray Wyland


I was just at Tacoma Cabana the other week when a TV crew from King 5 came in to award Jason Alexander and Robyn Murphy the award for Best Cocktails in Washington State. It was great to see this great Tiki bar get the respect it deserves.

One of the main reasons why I drive down almost an hour from Seattle is the great Tiki drinks. One of those drinks is the Lapu Lapu.


This drink will go down quick. It’s made of citrus, falernum, overproof rum and cinnamon. This drink would be a perfect introduction to someone new to Tiki drinks. It’s not too strong and the Lapu Lapu has a complex taste that’s not overly sweet.

A little history for you all… The Lapu Lapu is named after the great Chief Lapu-Lapu that was is considered a hero of the Philippines because he was the first native to resist Spanish colonization.

A strong drink for a strong hero!


Interested in checking out Tacoma Cabana? Here is my full Tiki bar review…

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