Havana Club Añejo Rum

Havana Club Añejo 7-Year Rum


Written & Contributed by Ray Wyland

For some reason I always seem to love things that are hard to get.  My favorite burger joint is a place called Tony’s Lunch that ironically only opens up at 8:00 at night and there is usually an hour wait just to get served. To enjoy my favorite pizza it’s even worse; I have to call in the afternoon to actually get the pie in the evening! I’m not kidding! The name of the pizza place is called Centioles and it’s located in Girardville PA along with Tony’s Lunch. (Just giving a quick plug to both places!)

Now, I have to ask myself an honest question: Do I love these places because the food is really that great or is because my favorite pizza and burger places are playing hard to get? I’m asking myself the same question as I’m sipping on some Havana Club 7 Year Añejo Rum.

Havana Club is from Cuba and since the Cuban Missile crisis happened back in the 1960’s you can’t buy it in the United States. If you want to buy a bottle you have to head up to Canada. The US laws on Cuban goods have been starting to lighten up so maybe someday soon it can be bought right here in the good of USA.

14877703_2142310739327966_1124666636_nAll this trouble for some Cuban rum. Is it worth it? You bet! Havana Club is a gold rum that is so smooth that I just drink it neat. To add anything to it would be a crime.

So to answer my own question… No, I don’t think Havana Club is great because it’s hard to get, it’s great because it’s just that… great!

Written & Contributed by Ray Wyland

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