Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

Think of Brussels Sprouts as min cabbages the size of an olive. I am not sure why these get a bad rap. Maybe because they are green, or people don’t like cabbage, or they are even prepared and served wrong.  Its really simple to remedy that.

First of all, cut them in half. Now they are visually more appealing, they look like half a head of green lettuce. Now you put them in salted boiling water for a few minutes, no more than 4-5.  Drain them, dice up some bacon or pancetta and add to a hot pan of just a little olive oil, a dab of butter, salt and pepper.  Cook for another 5 minutes or so. They should be tender and still bright green (not dull green).

Now you have the most delicious green vegetable I can think of even for those who hate vegetables.  These are an excellent side dish to any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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